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Weekly Words - a quote, a tool, and a tip for writers

“What's good about writing is that when you write novels or fiction, people can see that the problems in one region are similar to problems in another region.” Ngugi wa Thiong'o

A Writing Tool

There are nearly as many outlets for writing as there are writers. Whether you write in a notebook for your own pleasure, write and publish novels, or want to write for publications, options abound. If you are interested in publishing your writing in journals, there's a wonderful tool for learning about income potential. Who Pays Writers is a website that gives the rate of pay for many journals and websites.

Revising Tip

After you've read through it once, print your manuscript and go through it marking three types of issues: story, organizational, and mechanical/grammar. Story issues such as missing character arcs and low stakes are big picture issues that should be addressed first. Organizational issues such as whether the story starts in the right place or point-of-view issues should be fixed next. Save mechanical and grammar fixes for the end, or you'll end up fixing small things that may be rewritten or cut altogether.

There's a Story Here: Carlsbad, California, USA, 2020

What story would you write about this photo?

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