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Next Step Book Coach

Strategies and solutions to

help you write your best book.

Make your book the best it can be.
As a book coach, my mission is to provide you with the feedback, tools, and one-on-one support you need to improve your existing book or start a new one.
I specialize in helping writers who have finished or substantially completed their novels. Expect honest, compassionate feedback and a plan for taking the next step in your writing journey.

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I feel stuck.

What do I do now?

My draft is done.

Is it good enough?


Kathryn has written six books and loves helping others at every step in the book writing process. She is an Author Accelerator Advanced Certified Book Coach, Vice President of the Women's Fiction Writers Association, and a partner with the Book Coach Collective

Kathryn has a B.A. in English from Southern Methodist University with a  Creative Writing Specialization, an MBA, and a PhD.


Before becoming a full-time writer and coach, she was an executive at nonprofit, for-profit, and government agencies.
With more than 20 years of executive experience, she provides writers with the strategies and solutions that help them write their best book.  

Expect honest and compassionate feedback with clear next steps to move your book forward. 

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Kathryn Dodson, PhD


"I really appreciate your feedback and encouragement;  it's going to help me make the final project something I'm really proud to share."

- Julia Voge

"I just wanted to thank you again for all your work, time and feedback on my manuscript. Your notes, especially on the two-tier outline, helped me see what I was missing not just in that manuscript but in my WIP as well."

- Christine Alder

"After years of struggling along on my own and feeling paralyzed by fear, I finally found the writing coach I needed in Kathy. She found ways to help me feel confident about my writing after a long season of discouragement. Kathy was able to ask me the right questions and do the work to see the story I was trying to write ... I can truly say that her feedback and encouragement were pivotal to me this past year. I would highly encourage writers who need someone in their corner, to ask Kathy for help."

- Sarah Kennedy

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Get the start you need to write strong and finish your novel with the First Step Novel Prep online course.

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