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Book Coaching Writing Coach

$1,000 per month


Weekly feedback for when you are ready to go all out.

Whether you are starting, revising, or publishing a novel, commit to your best book. Next Step Coaching is for the dedicated writer. Receive weekly feedback and phone calls to help with novel creation and publishing. This service may include up to a 20-page submission per week.  Three-month minimum. Limited availability.

What You Receive

Revising - advice, support, and feedback for writing and revising: submit up to 20 pgs/ wk.

Self-publishing - lay the groundwork for a successful self-publishing career with a coach to guide you through: 

  • the publication process, KDP vs. wide, audiobooks

  • newsletter, nurture sequence, and social media template and content development

  • book marketing support


For writers who want to learn to self-publish their novels.


I’m all in!


Learn the entire package in 6-12 months (weekly or every other week meetings). This package includes a manuscript audit and 22 sessions (90 minutes each). 

Choose my adventure!


Customize your learning adventure over 2-4 months with 7 sessions (90 minutes each) that covers 6 topics of your choice plus a mindset session. 




When you need help making it better

A comprehensive review of your full or partial manuscript. Editorial comments will help you understand what's working and how to fix what's not so you can write the best book possible. A 60-minute phone call and resubmission of 10 pages ensure you have a plan to improve your novel.  $0.02 per word (80,000 word document = $1,600); minimum $500

What You Receive

In-document comments

An in-depth editorial letter summarizing key issues.

60-minute phone call to discuss comments and solutions

10-page resubmission and plan for what's next!

$1,000 per month

3-month minimum

Write a Novel.jpg

Starting at $49


Start strong and turn your great idea into a book!

This self-paced online course is recommended for writers planning a novel or who have started writing and are either stuck or are looking for ways to make the characters and story stronger and more meaningful. Use a proven method to build the foundation for a compelling novel with robust characters and story momentum. The basic course is completely self-directed with videos, questions, writing exercises, and an online workbook. Premium versions include workbook submission, feedback, and optional coaching.

Self-directed online course

Optional feedback and coaching

Book Coach Call Writing Coaching

$50  per 30 minutes


When you need answers.

One half or full hour phone consultation on your novel or nonfiction manuscript. Discussion may include craft, productivity, publishing options, querying or other topics to help you take the next step with your book.

Your choice of a 1Hr or 30-min phone session.

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