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Weekly Words - a quote, a tool, and a tip for writers

"Teaching is about taking things apart; writing is about putting things together.” Toni Morrison

A Writing Tool

If you are going to write a book with intriguing, interesting characters, it is likely that at least some of them will have different backgrounds than your own. Writing the Other is a website that offers classes, editors, sensitivity readers, and a book to help you "learn to write diverse characters very different from you sensitively and convincingly.

Craft Tip

Novels don't have to be written chronologically. When you are stuck, move to a different scene. Sometimes concentrating on a completely different part of a novel gives your subconscious the chance to solve the problems that got you stuck.

There's a Story Here: Waimea Canyon, Kauai, Hawaii, 2017

What story would you write about this photo?

Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania

Next Step Book Coach - If you're ready to start your novel, are stuck in the middle, or have finished and need to know what to do next - we can help.


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