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Weekly Words - a quote, a tool, and a tip for writers

"Writing is an extreme privilege but it's also a gift. It's a gift to yourself and it's a gift of giving a story to someone.” Amy Tan

A Writing Tool

Beta Readers - The first time you write a book, it is hard to share it with others. Your deepest thoughts, every ounce of self-doubt, and the desperate hope that you've written something important are on display. But at some point you have to let someone else read it. Choose beta readers carefully, and know what to ask them. Are you looking for an overview of whether the plot works, the characters are interesting, or the fictional world you've created is believable? These are good, general questions to ask beta readers.

Craft Tip

Look for beta readers among your friends, writing partners, or book club members. I don't ask close family members to beta read - after all, I have to live with them. Receiving a beta read critique can hurt. Give yourself a little time to process the information, then decide what is useful as you take another look at your book through someone else's eyes. Don't give a beta reader the book the day after you first type "The End." Give it a thorough revision, then read and revise once again. After you've corrected the issues you can see, it is time for a fresh pair of eyes.

There's a Story Here: Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania, 2013

What story would you write about this photo?

Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania

Next Step Book Coach - If you're ready to start your novel, are stuck in the middle, or have finished and need to know what to do next - we can help.

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