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Weekly Words - a quote, a tool, and a tip for writers

"The story, I realized, is not about the plot. The story is about how the things that happen in the plot force the protagonist to struggle with an unavoidable problem, thus triggering — scene-by-scene — a long needed, incredibly hard internal change. What hooks and holds the reader is internal conflict, not external “drama.” Lisa Cron

A Writing Tool

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Craft Tip

Ask yourself what your character wants more than anything in the world on page one of your book. They will chase this desire through the pages as the plot throws obstacles in their way. These struggles force them to confront misbeliefs they've long held. By the closing pages they discover what is truly important in their story and how that relates to their original desire.

There's a Story Here: The gift of water and wine, Bodegas Irache, Camino de Santiago, Spain, 2004

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