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Weekly Words - a quote, a tool, and a tip for writers

“In a world that doesn't want to hear me, I refuse to be silent." Elizabeth Acevedo, The Poet X

A Writing Tool

Reading and writing are usually solo events, but finding kinship on this journey can make the process more meaningful and more fun. To help writers find events, author and podcast host Sarah Nicolas publishes Virtual Bookish Events for the coming week. Events for readers and writers are sorted by paid and free and listed by day of the week. This is one email that brings joy to the inbox.

Craft Tip

Writers are told to start in media res, or in the middle of the action. It is important that the inciting incident, that one event that starts your main character on their journey, happens very early in the story. But first - make sure you have introduced a main character that readers will want to follow on this journey. This introduction can happen during the inciting incident but often occurs just before. This gives the reader a chance to meet the character before being overwhelmed by action.

There's a Story Here: Sunset, Carlsbad, California, USA, 2021

What story would you write about this photo?

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