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Weekly Words - a quote, a tool, and a tip for writers

"I have met so many people who say they've got a book in them, but they've never written a word. To be a writer — this may seem trite, I realize — you have to actually write.” Khaled Housseni

A Writing Tool

Two quick and easy word help tools are the Merriam-Webster app that I use on my phone to double check spelling and usage, and Thesaurus.com when I need a better word.

Productivity Tip

The quote above talks about needing to write, and you must have dedication. However, sometimes staring at the screen and thinking or taking a walk is more productive than getting the words on the page. Other times, life takes precedence over writing. Don't let guilt too few words on the page suck the joy out of writing.

There's a Story Here: Zanzibar, Tanzania, 2017

Next Step Book Coach - If you're ready to start your novel, are stuck in the middle or have finished and need to know what to do next - we can help.


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